Kensington® Cushioned Compression Black Anti-DVT Flight Socks for Men & Women.

Stay Well Graduated Fit. For Travel comfort, Running, All Sport, Pregnancy, Work, Pain Relief, Recovery. Boost Leg Stamina!





  • 1 pair  cushioned compression socks
  • Graduated Test Compression of 18-21mmHG (Level 1)
  • The All-Day Performance Compression Sock
  • Engineered to deliver performance in the gym, running track, bike ride into work, and cross-fit session. Silver ions keeps sock odor free.
  • Optimized compression supports blood flow and keeps them from ever slipping.
  • men’s & ladies black Anti-Dvt
  • Recover faster
  • All shoe sizes
NO MORE OVERUSE LEG INJURIES – Kensington® cushioned compression socks are for men & women formulating a foundation to injury free sport, air travel comfort, maternity pregnancy support hose, shin splints, or working long hours on your feet.

NO MORE LEG PROBLEMS – Laboratory tested to achieve an optimum Graduated Test Compression of 18-21mmHG (Level 1). When your first step is pain free, genuine lab tested Kensington compression socks will keep it that way by increasing your leg stamina long into the day. Recover faster IT Band Syndrome Achilles Tendinitis Plantar Fasciitis. Kensington® compression socks aid in alleviating symptoms for the most common causes of leg discomfort

GOLD STANDARD – Engineered in the UK specifically with Medium density terry loop pile for your feet. Reinforced cushioned heels reinforced cushioned toes reinforced cushioned instep and separate anatomically shaped left & right foot foot arch brace and cushioned achilles protection. Anti-odour silver ions fast wicking yarn with ventilation panels.

NO COURSE SEEMS ANYWHERE – imperceptible to touch, a true stitch by stich seamlessly linked toe closure. Reserved for the finest socks in the world compared with mass produced socks means whatever position the foot takes, its non-irritating to skin.

YOU ARE ORDERING – Your choice of shoe size small 3-4, medium 4-7 or large 8-11

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Small 3-4 (36-37), Medium 4-7 (37-40), Large 8-11 (41-45)